Closing the interview is a very important part of the process. This is where you can clarify information and where the questions that you need to ask are presented.

You should be given an opportunity to ask questions but if it appears that this may not be the case, ask for it – remember, the interview is an information session for you as much as the interviewer.

Some examples of pertinent questions include:
• How has the position become available?
• What are the reporting relationships?
• What long-term career opportunities are available?
• What resources are accessible to the position?
• What are the criteria for measuring success?
• Are there training opportunities and how are they provided?

Remember, these are just examples. Tailor your questions to the specific role on offer. While some interviewers don’t go into detail about salary and conditions at the interview, you should be given a guide. If the interviewer asks what your expectations are concerning salary then the thoughts you have developed during your preparation process will be useful. Be open and honest but keep it broad at this early stage.

As the interview is coming to a close, try to reiterate your interest if you are still positive about the position. You might find it useful to reiterate your key strengths. If the interview has fired up your interest then relay this to the interviewer. Remember to finish on a positive also. Eye contact, firm handshake and be positive. Don't lose it by being too casual or looking too sure of yourself. Be respectful and professional to the end.