There are lots of styles of interview just as there are lots of levels of experience in conducting interviews.

Very few interviews will be the same, although they will follow a similar format. Be prepared to be flexible in this regard but remember that interviews have a number of common objectives:

• They are all investigating the relevance of your experience to the needs of the vacancy
• They are all looking to see what you might bring to the position and the company
• They are all seeking to understand a bit more about you and your personal style

A well-structured interview will both draw information from you as well as tell you about the position and the company. The exact order and manner of how this is done will vary from one interviewer to the next. Whatever format the interview takes there are a few key things that you need to remember:

• Be honest
• Show enthusiasm
• Speak clearly
• Keep it all to the point
• Try to generate warmth and build rapport

Now, remember the examples that you thought of when preparing for the interview? This is the time that you should be able to use them. When responding to a question, try to use the examples to demonstrate your experience and understanding. Show the interviewer that you know what you are talking about.

Some common questions you might be asked:

• What has attracted you to this position?
• Why did you leave or why are you looking to leave your last position?
• What were the key responsibilities in you previous position? What did you like the least/best about it? What did you accomplish?
• Give me some examples of the most difficult problems you encountered in your previous position, how did you resolve them?
• What are the important factors for you when working in a team environment?
• Give some examples of action you have taken that demonstrates your initiative.
• How was your performance measured?
• What is the ideal working environment for you?
• How would you describe your own operating/management style?
• What do you consider to be your strongest qualities? What are some of your areas for development?
• What position do you hope to reach in five years?
• What are your leisure activities? Your hobbies? Why do you like them?