There is often a period of time between your interview and feedback being provided. This is not unusual as the process can be complex.

Most often interviewing will involve multiple applicants whose backgrounds will be assessed and discussed until the client has identified their preferred applicant.

To reinforce your interest, it can be well regarded by the interviewer, when a follow up email, letter or phone call is conducted. This will not only reinforce your candidature for the role but will demonstrate professionalism and enthusiasm on your behalf.

Remember, when being considered through a recruitment firm, they are the intermediaries and hence you should be able to expect an open and transparent relationship as it is in both parties interests to gain the best outcome for you.

Although the client makes the final decision, the recruitment firm must be aware of your desires, priority of interest or concerns, to ensure minimal disruption is experienced for both parties. Effective management of a thorough process will ensure long-term benefit all round.

So trust your instincts and when in doubt call the recruitment firm to discuss any aspects or concerns, as it is part of their core business to be supportive to your needs. With the potential for this to be an emotional process for a candidate, they will ensure you are provided with details and advice to enable you to retain a rational and pragmatic approach.